A Former Prosecutor Can Make A World Of Difference In Court
Help Available In Dallas, Denton, Tarrant and Collin County

If you have been accused of a criminal offense in the Dallas area, remember that you have the right to an attorney. You should not go through the process alone or with court-assigned legal representation.

Why not spend 15 or 20 minutes talking with me on the phone so you can find out exactly what is going to happen….and what I can offer. The call is free and there is no obligation.

My name is Mike Goolsby and I have been defending residents in the Dallas area against state and federal criminal charges for many years. Before defending the accused, I was an Assistant District Attorney for Dallas County and at one time was chief prosecutor of the family violence court.

I want you to remember one thing as you or a family member moves through our criminal system…. you have the right to an attorney, so do not respond to any questions that you think will incriminate you.

What I Do

The primary goal of Goolsby & Associates is to seek dismissal of your case, get an acquittal at trial, and negotiate to reduce your charge. We will strive to protect your rights in court by thoroughly reviewing your case, listening to concerns and working for a favorable result in your case.

There are also collateral consequences that should be considered, such as family issues, when you are charged with a state or federal crime. The job of the criminal defense lawyers from Goolsby & Associates is to advice our clients together with their families on the complicated process of negotiating inside the state or federal criminal justice system. Our lawyers have enough experience to guide you through the federal and Texas legal system.

Once you are arrested and charged with an offence in the State of Texas, the first thing you should do is to seek a lawyer who can represent you. Then, decide whether you want to have a trial or to do a plea bargain in your case. Once you make that decision Goolsby & Associates goes to work protecting you and your rights while building the best defense for your case.  The sooner you hire us the better.  The police and district attorney’s office are already building their case against you.  Let Goolsby & Associates start building your defense.

We have many years of experience in representing people who were accused of criminal offenses in Texas. We will stand up for you aggressively in court and strive hard to protect your rights.


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Goolsby & associates serves residents in the cities of Allen, Arlington, Carrollton, Denton, Fort Worth, Irving, McKinney, Plano.